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Whatever You Witness..... Never Stop Recording.

Posted : 8 years, 9 months ago on 28 September 2009 06:28 (A review of [Rec])

The movie that inspired last year's Quarantine, so hard to find that i had to wait until after I saw Quarantine to even get my hands on it. I'm glad I waited and didn't see a bootlegged copy of it, because the version I am watching at this moment is doing a great job of sucking me into the film. Very hard to do for a horror movie with subtitles these days, escpecially while watching at home; one to definetly add to my Decade of Horror List! Both theories are in my head while watching this film; what do i think of it as a movie by itself? and How do I compare this to it's American English speaking remake? So far it's on the good side of the fence on both subjects. The amount of time was just about perfect leading up to the infamous call for the apartment with a woman stuck inside in distress. Just like people watching the titantic waited for the epic moment the ship hit an iceberg, I was on the edge of my seat up until the call was put out over the loud speaker. For one of the first times I have ever seen in a film made in another country, there is an asain family speaking perfect spanish. I'm actually wondering if the directors meant to do that and show there is cultural diversity in other countries besides America.. Makes you wonder. If so, that was very well played you two! With two types of enforcemnet and emergency protection in the dark about the current situation faced by everyone in the building, the future is deemed uncertain as people become attacked and question go unanswered. Important question like why are we trapped here against our will? Will we ever get out of here alive? Is the camera on the good side of my face for the shot? Haha, just made that one up to fool you guys. Responisible for winning 15 awards including the 2008's Silver Scream Award at the Amsterdam Fanatic Film Festival and being nominated for 5 more, This is a very good addition to my DVD collection.

Ángela: We have to tape everything, Pablo. For fuck's sake.

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So What, People Get Beat Up Every Day.

Posted : 8 years, 10 months ago on 24 September 2009 06:12 (A review of Extract (2009))

The new movie from Mike Judge (Beavis and Butthead, Office Space) about a man at an extract plant with a less than happy life with sex lacking from his wife and brain matter lacking from his friend. Upset about many failed attempts to get home to his wife before 8 o'clock (when the sweat pants go on... but don't come off) Joel explains his lack of a sex life to his bartender friend named Dean, who then replys with a ridiculous plan to set up the wife and see if she will cheat so he could have guilt free sex with someone himself. High on the wrong pill taken, Joel agrees to it and finds himself waking up the next morning to a disloyal wife, bad headache, and most of all an annoying neighbor who won't let him get to his driveway without talking a fair amount of pointless dribble. Dean was a great role for Ben Affleck, love to see him in this nature, much like his role in Jay and Silent Bob Strike back; the comic relief to a man in distress. This wasn't as good as Office Space as I have heard from some critics, but it's also not a film to push back. I had a good time watching it because I didn't compare it to any of his other works; I just saw it as a Mike Judge film. Also a crazy coincedence that occured was that in the factory owned by Joel, one of his employees was wearing the same exact shirt I own of a death metal band named The County Medical Examiners, which I gave to my girlfriend; and when I looked to her to show it.. she opened her sweatshirt and there it was, THAT SHIRT!!

Dean: [as Brad walks out of the bar] There he goes... Johnny Horsecock.

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You know, The BIG Clown.

Posted : 8 years, 10 months ago on 24 September 2009 06:01 (A review of Amusement (2008))

I Saw a teaser trailer of this film while at another horror movie quite a while ago and wanted to see it since then. Wasn’t too sure what it was about but what I saw made an impact on me. Girls screaming in fear, and a man with an unforgettable laugh; what could go wrong with a picture like this? To be honest, the film was a bit confusing. Three different scenes came into play right before your eyes, three completely different situations; all somewhat scary and different in their own ways, with their own kind of interesting twist. Then comes a flashback, which seems to put all the pieces together and make sense, but still didn’t to me. Each situation was from a different girl, and the flashback shows a certain boy when they were younger showing them a disturbing image out of a school project they had. Trying not to stop and ask why, I decided to watch it for what it was, and I enjoyed the sudden giveaways in each situation when the girl or group realizes how fucked they are and that they were played for fools. The violence in the movie is very minimal, but not THAT needed; though upping the dose could always make a movie stick in one’s mind. No regrets of buying this, as I will see it again in my lifetime for sure.

Danny: What's wrong, Tabby?
Max: Don't be scared.
Tabitha: Boys, listen to me, we have to hide. There's a bad man, a very bad man in the house.
Max: He just wants to play. Like earlier at the door.
Tabitha: That was him?
Danny: [Chuckles] Owen.
Tabitha: No, don't.
Danny: But, Tabby, he said he just wanted to have some fun.

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Turn Bones and Flesh Into Screaming, Savage Death!

Posted : 8 years, 10 months ago on 7 September 2009 09:00 (A review of The Corpse Grinders)

The Corpse Grinders, what a great introduction to a film, naming it that. Filmed by Ted V. Mikels, about men who try and profit with their cat food company by using human meat as ingredients! Stuck in a corner and surronded by people they owe money to for these freshly dug up stiffs, The two bussiness men start killing and using their own free version of fresh meat, feeding it into the bone crunching Corpse Grinder! With thier heads in the clouds, the two men dont seem to realize what their sources for food are doing to the cats; and more impotantly, what the cats are then doing to people!! With that first tatse of human flesh as brought on by that o so good brand of cat food, kittens and cats alike are craving human flesh from then on and turning on their owners along with any other warm man or woman they could sniff out and destroy.

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Iceman!! Prodigy!! Axe Murder!! More!!

Posted : 8 years, 10 months ago on 6 September 2009 05:49 (A review of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) - Ultimate Knockouts 1 & 2)

What seems like the first collaboration of great knockouts in the Ultimate Fighting Championship available on DVD, form the years 1993 to 2002. Featuring older fighters such as Tank Abbott and Randy “The Natural” Couture; as well as upcoming fighters for the future such as B.J. Penn and Vanderlei Silva. Heavy hits throughout as this is a collection of strictly knockouts in fights of those 9 or 10 years. Even though the latest fight is in 2003, you can see not only the raw footage of the previous years, but the amount the UFC has progressed into a mixed martial arts sport captivating audiences the whole time. Containing 49 knockouts in all; 23 from the first volume and 26 from the second. I’m not sure where my girlfriend got this from, but at the price it must of cost, it was more than worth it. About two hours long highlighting each fights best shots, showing some fighter both knocking out and getting knocked out in later fights. Showing a surprising knockout by take down, Frank Shamrock slams down opponent Igor Zinoviev so hard he actually knocks him out; wow. Also shown is the first spinning backfist knockout by Shonie Carter to Long Island’s own Matt Serra, What a good buy! The more i watch this DVD, the more bang I get for the buck I didn’t spend!

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Did They Hear Your Heart Beat?!?!?

Posted : 8 years, 10 months ago on 6 September 2009 05:47 (A review of Return of the Evil Dead (Return of the Blind Dead))

The second installment in the “Blind Dead” series, in which villagers become victims while ironically celebrating the deaths of the dead templars who come back and kill them. 500 years after the falling of the satanic group responsible for ritual murders, the home town of where this took place is throwing a festival; full of fireworks and drinks. The mayor is trying to get rid of the man called in to set up the fireworks, for he is taking away the one girl the mayor and his assistant have a chance with. Little does he know that the same woman he feels he has a chance with actually requested that particular person to set up the fireworks because she had a past relationship with him, and will eventually become the brave strong leader of the people to fight against they’re future dead enemies. After being hung up on twice by the governor, our favorite mayor knows the town is fucked; so throughout the rest of his role he tries to escape with his life no matter what or who the cost.

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Try You're Luck in Vegas!!!

Posted : 8 years, 10 months ago on 6 September 2009 05:45 (A review of Leprechaun 3 (1995))

Opening with a one handed, one legged, one eyed man handing off his trouble in the form of a statue to a local pawn shop manager. Not long at all until the little one makes his debut in this chapter, biting off some skin and heading on his way. Set in Las Vegas, Leprechaun 3 from the get go appears to have some good potential along with endless possibilities for death scenes. Besides the hood, they could do a chapter in just about every major city and have somewhat descent grounds for another “Lep” chapter. A young college student makes the mistake of his life when he goes to sell his watch after loosing all his money at a casino. Of course, the same pawn shop where the single shilling of gold dropped by the killer leprechaun waits for him to discover. Now, instead of heading to Los Angeles to attend school, Scott has to fight for his life by avoiding the deadly hands (and teeth) of the gold fiending, shoe shining Leprechaun. Another face seems to be familiar besides that of Warwick Davis; that of course being Caroline “Stretch” Williams, playing a convincing casino worker named Loretta who runs Scott for all his money on the roulette wheel. Definitely one in the series to remember, filled with the usual rhyme scheme and blood flow.

Leprechaun: ”I’ll Rip em off and rob em blind.. Those Dirty Sons of Bitches.”

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Behind (Dead) Enemy Lines...

Posted : 8 years, 10 months ago on 6 September 2009 05:44 (A review of Horrors of War)

This movie released in 2006 about Nazi zombies wasn’t my favorite, but with all the official selections it made, including 4 wins of awards like the Fright Fest Award for Best Special Effects; it was well worth the $3.00 I paid for it. I liked the movie for what it was, but felt putting less of some things and more of other could have made this movie really be one for the books. What money was thrown into production could have easily been re routed from scenes that were somewhat compromised and threw you off from feeling the reality of it into better more convincing scenes of torture and a smaller set size. Though many things did go astray to actually classify it as a zombie flick, I liked the difference and variety of different creatures, showing there is no stop to the desire Hitler possessed for the ultimate superhuman. Though they would have to dye their hair blonde, wear blue contacts, and of course, take the body parts out of their mouth when apeearing with the furor! The lack of hoardes of zombies was another plus; not to overwealm us but to bring it down to a more realistic level. Not that the living dead would help the realizm of the flick; the many failed attempts to kill the super(dead)human proved more likley than one man swooping in and shooting dozens of em with precise percision. Though that does have it's entertaining advantages! A group of the Allies (who happened to be ex convicts) are stuck on enemy ground. With troops dying by the minute by the hands of the German troops, and an unexplainable creature told by a former prisoner, the caption on the DVD cover says it all… Death is not the only thing to fear!

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Posted : 8 years, 10 months ago on 6 September 2009 05:34 (A review of Don't Torture a Duckling)

Filmed in 1972 about several murders of young boys in a small remote village. Showing the first part of the killer is of course his hands, poking needles into what seem like voodoo dolls of certain kids with horrifying music and faint screaming of each child in the background. That scene sets the grounds for an interesting and most violent near future. Lucio Fulci has this marvelous way of setting a sexual encounter in each of his films that sticks with you as one of the scenes you’ll never forget from that specific film. That, and of course, a brutal death scene that makes you cringe as it is set into your mind forever. With the town up in arms and a man in custody, all shit has hit the fan and the public wants blood from the man they believe killed the boy who has been missing for so long. After a second body turns up, there is a pattern of a murderous actions by someone other than who they believe. Desperate to find answers, the cops rush and question who they can before the town gets out of control and another young boys is found murdered.

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She Was a Bounty Hunter.

Posted : 8 years, 10 months ago on 6 September 2009 05:30 (A review of Domino (2005))

Great movie Starring Keira Knightley as Domino Harvey, a girl from Los Angeles set on nothing but to be a bounty hunter. Seeing what she does towards the film’s beginning after finding out the class she paid for was nothing but a rip off unlocks the door that is about to be shattered with all the action in the 2 plus hours of this movie. Winner of the 2006 Golden Trailer award for best sound editing in a trailer. Based on actual events of a real life bounty hunter; who turned away from her father's path of acting to become what she wanted to be... a Bounty Hunter. Insanity to think things like these happened on the streets of L.A.

Domino Harvey: I've been training since I was twelve. Knives, guns, throwing stars. You name it, and I can fight with it. I'm a hard worker. I'm a hard worker and a fast learner. Nothing scares me. I'm not afraid to die.

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